Taverna Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi 57, Levanto

tel: 0187-808098

The two young owners who run this restaurant with courtesy and a pleasant manner provide wonderful pizza and local dishes. The restaurant is in the just restored Via Garibaldi (a wonderful classical Italian "Via" with "fresco" buildings) that offers a breathtaking view – two steps from the ancient Piazza Cavour, 200 meters from the sea.


Antica Trattoria Centro

Corso Italia 25, Levanto

tel: 0187-808157

Closed Tuesday. Open all year.


Trattoria Cavour

Piazza Cavour, Levanto

tel: 0187-808497

Closed Monday

Local specialties and seafood.


Bar Angelo

Piazza Colombo 9



Restaurants in Nearby Towns


La Giulia

Via Amm. Serra 96, Bonassola

tel: 0187-813742

Ristorante, pizzeria. Outdoor seating with a view down to the sea and Levanto.


L'Alta Marea

Monterosso al Mare

tel: 0187-817170

Closed Wednesday


La Torre


tel: 0187-821-082



The beach and boardwalk in Levanto.



Taverna Garibaldi – great pizzas and local dishes.


Other Shops

Salumeria Doriana

Via Jacopo 28, Levanto

tel: 0187-808392


Telephone Notes

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